Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weston resident Michael Daniels solved his own parenting issues

Weston resident Michael Daniels solved his own parenting issues with his ex by creating an app: check out Fayr.

Homebuilder and divorced dad Michael Daniels was looking for a more effective way to man- age family life. The Weston resident, who shares custody of his two grade-school-aged kids with his ex-wife, who lives in Miami, was becoming overwhelmed by the expense and challenges of co-parenting. After one particularly trying day,
Daniels began thinking about how he and his ex could prevent small mix-ups from escalating
into major problems. “That kind of anxiety kept me up at night,” he says. “I’ve got these two amaz- ing kids and I just didn’t want to waste time in life on ridiculous things.”
So Daniels came up with Fayr, the ground- breaking parenting app that simplifies everyday matters for divorced parents by creating a joint family calendar to track activities and time- sharing and generates digital records of expenses and real-time location check-ins. It also offers in-app texting to simplify communication between parents and exportable, as well as PDF reports for transparent documentation. Parents using Fayr can drop a geo-pin upon arrival at a location;
the other parent receives a notification instantly. It also streamlines all the bookkeeping for family expenses and creates a transparent audit trail, eliminating the need to hunt down receipts or dig through accounting archives. Court-ready documents can be exported with just one touch. The app’s time-sharing calendar enables parents to easily adjust their schedules, trading days if
needed while keeping track of their children’s time and activities.

The app was featured on the July 25th episode of Apple’s reality tech series Planet of the Apps, where Daniels’ mentor/advisor was the actress (and divorced mom) Gwyneth Paltrow. “My favor- ite thing about Fayr is that it was created with the whole family in mind,” Paltrow says. “Separating is a challenging transition for any couple. When children are involved, it’s especially tender and worrisome. Fayr removes unnecessary stresses and tension so parents can collaborate to create calm and stability for their children