Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Treat Yourself to a Daily Retreat

This is not a spa. I repeat: this is not a spa. Thermae Retreat in Fort Lauderdale was created by owner Kelly Doyle as a daily refuge where locals can disconnect, relax their mind, detox their bodies in saunas and benefit from preventative or holistic treatments.

Doyle discovered the benefits of saunas, especially infrared, during a month-long trip to Europe. “About three weeks into my daily sauna experience, my friend looked at me and asked, ‘What are you think­ing about?’ And for the first time, I could answer, ‘Absolutely nothing.’ My head was completely clear. I came back a very different person,” says Doyle about what prompted her to open a sanctuary to help others deal with stress. Your experience begins in the Move Room, where you’ll jump on a mini-trampoline to promote lymphatic drainage and shake on a vibration machine to boost circulation, then move on to the core of Thermae, the Finnish and infrared saunas, to detox the skin—and end with quiet time in the Meditation Room.

“People have forgotten how to be present and relax. We teach people how to be still,” says Doyle. You can also indulge in organic facials, dry scrubs, sound and crystal therapies and cupping massages. Mem­berships start at $109 a month and that includes daily use of the facility. Doyle recently expanded into Delray Beach (members can enjoy both loca­tions) and has plans to open another Thermae in western Broward County by the end of the year. Thermae Retreat, 604 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauder­dale, 954.604.7930, thermaeretreat.com