Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shape Up – Gavin De Souza

HEAD PERSONAL TRAINER BB3 Fitness & Nutrition Center




What’s the first thing we need to do to psych ourselves up to get into shape?

The first thing you need to do is take some time to find clarity with what result you want to achieve, know why you want to achieve that result, create a plan of how to get there working backwards from the result(s) you want, and then take massive action. Knowing your “why,” that deep-down feeling in your gut, is super important, as this is what is going to psych you up each and every day to get up and attack the day with purpose, and as a result make your journey a little less daunting.

What are some tips for getting and staying motivated?

  • Have a workout partner •
  • Be part of an accountability group •
  • Focus on making small, habit-based changes every 1-3 weeks •
  • Celebrate small victories •
  • If you are not measuring, you are guessing, so measure your progress no matter how small. Seeing progress is massive motivation to keep going •
  • Instead of asking, “Why is this so hard?” ask “What can I do to make this more fun?”

Are nutrition and exercise of equal importance?

One is just as important as the other and they work hand in hand. You cannot out-train a bad diet, as they say. From a health and wellness perspective you need to find that balance between the two, as they complement each other.

What are the advantages of working with a personal trainer?

Your personal trainer should be like your coach, guiding you to the result(s) you want to achieve. Your trainer will hold you accountable for your actions, challenge you to get the best out of yourself, be supportive and empathetic to your situation and what level you are at with your nutrition and exercise, ask precise questions to make you think to overcome any challenges that arise, lift you up when you are down, celebrate victories with you and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to do things you thought you could not do. The stars have trainers, so why shouldn’t you?

What is the healthy motto you live by?

Live like a lion!