Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Probiotics for Your Face?

Products from LaFlore help balance good bacteria on your skin.
By now you’ve probably heard about the benefits of taking probiotics to help boost your gut health, but what about slathering them on your face? While you could simply apply a yogurt mask, the luxury skincare line LaFlore is just one of many new skincare products developed with live probiot-ics. So how does it work? The brand offers a three-step system with a Probiotic Cleanser, Daily Defense Moisturizer and Serum Concentrate that are designed to balance good bacteria on your skin. “Unlike other skincare products, LaFlore gets to the root of the issue and targets skin dysfunc-tion at its core,” says Maya Ivanjesku, V.P. of R&D LaFlore Skincare. “It goes to work to enhance the good flora, tackle unwanted flora and allow skin to function properly on its own.
With consistent and continued use, skin will be renewed and collagen and elastin
production will be improved, which means fewer lines.” laflore.com