Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Paying it Forward

El Dorado Furniture’s 50 Years/50 Families Community Relations Campaign helps those who help others.

As part of its 50th Anniversary, El Dorado Furniture officially launched the start of its “50 Years/50 Families Community Relations Campaign” with a kick-off event in January at its original location on SW 8th Street in Miami. As part of their ongoing mission to give back, the company is changing the lives of 50 underprivileged families in the community by providing them with the primary essentials of home furnishings. “When you see someone who needs helps, it touches you. There’s something magical that happens when you give back, especially in the community, that has made us what we are today,” says Pedro A. Capo, Chief Operations Officer of El Dorado Furniture. “Every time you help somebody, it doesn’t just touch the lives of the people who you’re helping—it touches the lives of everyone on your team.”


One such family is The Herrera family. After raising their daughter and son, who are now in their 20s, Ruth and Raul Herrera adopted Ruth’s cousin’s baby daughter, Lesly, who was born in the Dominican Republic with cerebral palsy. They brought the child to the U.S., where she could receive the best medical care; she was later diagnosed with West Syndrome and Chronic Lung Disease. The Herreras subsequently adopted Lesly’s brother, Alan, at birth; now 5, Alan has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and suffers from severe aggressive behavior caused by the autism.

Thanks to Ruth’s caring and compassion, both children are in a better situation. But the Her­reras have been challenged financially due to the situation. For that reason, the family was gifted with furniture from El Dorado. “For a family that goes above and beyond to help these children, we try to do what we can as a charity to provide them with some moments of fun but can’t finan­cially provide them with some of the necessities of living,” says Capo. “We don’t know of a more deserving family to receive a gift than this one.”