Out & About- May 2018

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Out & About- May 2018

Jorge Alvarez, Bobby Suarez and Jorge Fajardo.

Out & About- May 2018

Dani Ziff Moran, Natania Runnebaum, David Runnebaum and Jason Moran

Out & About- May 2018

Stefan Augustyniak, Guilherme Arguio, Greg Danver and Brad Freeman

Out & About- May 2018

Laura Blanco Martinez and Craig Martinez

Out & About- May 2018

Steven Boyle, Lana Tufo and John Gettle III

Out & About- May 2018

Kelly Bookstein, Dani Ziff Moran, Natalia Runnebaum and Ana Mattos

Grand Premiere of Flip Wars on A&E

The new A&E series Flip Wars premiered April 11, and the cast held a celebration at Primetime in Weston Town Center. Featuring South Florida real estate investors Gene Schroeder and Angelo D’Alessandro, Flip Wars tracks the two men as they do “ghost flips,” where buyers invest their own money in homes they’ve never seen. Schroeder and D’Alessandro have been running their home-flipping business in Weston since 2003.

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