Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Owner | College Nannies & Tutors | WESTON

How did the concept for College Nannies & Tutors come about, and what makes Weston and West Broward an ideal market for its services?

The company was founded by St. Paul, MN, resident Joe Keeley in 2001 while he was a student at the University of St. Thomas. Keeley took his business model nationwide in 2005 and it’s now owned by Bright Horizons. Today the College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors franchise is the largest employer of Sitters in the nation and a national resource helping busy families in 130 territories and 30 states. Western Broward County is a strong fit for a high-quality and service-oriented nanny and tutor busi­ness. Based on this type of need, I opened this Weston franchise location to serve families in Broward and NW Dade Counties.

How are the tutors trained and what do they offer that independent tutors do not?

Child safety and well-being are CNT’s top priorities, which is why any role model must successfully pass the following before beginning with CNT:

  • Application and interview process including pre-screening and personal interview steps.
  • Education, Legal Right to Work, Employment History and Reference Checks.
  • Industry-leading background checks, including Social Security traces, county/state criminal record search, national record search, sex offender registry that includes all known AKAs and aliases in all locations where candidate has resided, been employed, or attended school in the last seven years.
  • CNT Role Model orientation and training.
  • Alignment of the student’s subject needs requirements with tutors specifically trained in those subject matter areas.

Are your services and/or programs affordable for all or most families?

Our nanny and tutoring services are customized for all families. We recruit a “role model” for your family based on an in-depth personal inter­view with the family. After completion of the background and reference investigation, we set up a meeting between the selected candidate, Col­lege Nannies, and the family. Our staff is provided orientation and ongo­ing training. For our families, we supply ongoing support and guidance from our local team members. Our nanny services start as low as $19 per hour, with tutoring rates as low as $39 per hour for elementary students.

What is the underlying philosophy at College Nannies & Tutors when it comes to what they want their students to get out of the tutoring?

[Our] mission is to build stronger families. We achieve this by address­ing the needs of individual families, throughout the life stages of their children. All our tutoring sessions are one-on-one and 100 percent customized for each student. We specialize in two specific areas. The first is homework help and study skills for students in grades 1 through 12. While helping to improve grade-level performance, it is just as important to build self confidence in your student and build on study skills that can be transferable to other classes. The second area is college Prep. College Tutors prepares a customized one-on-one program to help your child maximize their scores on either the SAT and ACT exam. Our program is supported with professional material and practice exams supplied to us from the Summit Educational Group. We also provide high-quality trained tutors AP exams and college-level courses.

For more information, call College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors at 954-839-9939, e-mail westonfl@collegenannies.