Tuesday, December 12, 2017


And the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s Free Arts!  Family Days is one example.

Art Basel may be sweeping into Miami Beach, but Broward has its own arts events taking place this winter. Check out Free Arts! Family Days, funded by a grant from PNC Arts Alive! at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, which offers interactive arts activities as an expansion of its current Free Admission Day program offered for contemporary visual arts exhibitions presented on the third Sunday of each month.

“We’re excited that PNC’s generosity has allowed us to offer this wonderful program to families”
says Joy Satterlee, executive director of Art and Culture Center/Hollywood.


“It’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to connect to and benefit from the arts by participating together in hands-on activities that encourage education, communication, cooperation and fun.”


Free Arts! Family Days focuses on the four key pillars of arts education: visual arts, dramatic arts, dance/movement and percussion/music. Subject areas such as science, literacy, history and cultural studies will be incorporated into each program date. The Center is located at 1650 Harrison Street, Hollywood; for more information, call 954-921-3274 or visit artandculturecenter.org.


Justice For Superwoman (How to get it? Neuroplasticity expert Dr. Julia Harper shows us the W.A.Y)


We can’t control the universe—even though many of us try very hard, on a daily basis, to do just that—but we can change our behavior. Just ask Dr. Julia Harper, a Davie-based expert in neuroplasticity, or the rewiring of our brain to break old, reactive and negative behaviors, patterns and habits. She doesn’t just talk the talk, though; on the contrary, she recognized that she, too, was in need of a solution to the Perfectionism Syndrome—aka Superwoman Syndrome—that would leave her feeling miserable at the end of any given day whether she had met her to-do goals for that day or not. So she developed a way to “walk myself out of it,” as she says. That’s how the W.A.Y. method was born.


Best of all, Dr. Harper can actually help the rest of us learn how to do it, too, and take back our livesalong with our mental well being. To hear Dr. Harper speak in person, check out “Blame It On Your Brain! Change Your Behavior Through Neuroplasticity,” on Wed., January 17, 2018, from 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

at The Sacred Space, Miami; visit juliaharperinc.com.