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Fertile February

By Alison Ryan

How to increase your chances of expanding your family.

Valentine’s Day celebrates romance, and, well, romance often leads to baby-making. But for many couples, getting pregnant can be difficult and stressful. Farrar Duro, reproductive acupuncturist and owner of Florida Complete Wellness in Davie, wrote The Smart Couples Guide to Getting Pregnant, An Integrated Approach in 2015—and recently re-published it in order to offer couples the latest research on what really works. “The book is compiled from 15 years of working with infertility, both naturally and in assisting couples undergoing IVF,” says Duro. See her top tips for increasing your fertility below.


If you’ve had a history of irregular or painful cycles, don’t mask or ignore the symptoms with medications such as birth control pills or OTC pain relievers. Instead, try to chart your cycles to find out what your hormones are really up to for a few months.


This should include your reproductive hormones, along with measuring your thyroid, vitamin D3 levels and stress hormones. We use a combination of blood and saliva sampling for the most accurate picture of which hormones are truly circulating in the body at different times throughout the day.


Traditional Chinese medicine has been used to treat infertility for over 2,500 years. By lowering stress hormones and aiding in circulation to the pelvis, acupuncture can help improve egg quality. Research shows that techniques such as electroacupuncture, which involves a small microcurrent machine attached to the acupuncture needle, can even help improve pregnancy rates.

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