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The latest in event tech trends that will have any event planner feeling like the life of the party.

TECH EXPERT ADVICE: OPTIME CONSULTING “There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars…” is how writer F. Scott Fitzgerald describes in his novel, The Great Gatsby, the “elaborate parties and exuberant affairs” held at the Gatsby mansion. We’ve come a long way from the roar-ing ‘20s when it comes to event technology and throwing together a gala or fête on a grand scale. Keep an eye out for these next few rising trends:

FACIAL RECOGNITION Facial recognition allows event organizers to speed up the check-in process and enhance security measures. It can also take strategic pictures for the perfect moment. Imagine someone is giving a speech and a punchline is on the horizon. Cameras are ready to zoom in on facial expressions when the bon mot arrives.

HOLOGRAMS We can’t talk about disruptive technologies without mentioning holograms. Is there a better way to capture your attention and leave an impression that transcends the walls of any event and your social media feed? Holograms interlace our physical and virtual worlds by showcasing celebrity endorsements or far-away panelists who cannot attend in person. Not all holograms are human, they can include product demonstrations, or virtual experiences with infinite customizations.

BEACON TECHNOLOGY Beacon technology can now eradicate the lag of long lines at events by automatically registering you when you walk in. By pre-registering and enabling beacon technology on your smart device, the process becomes as smooth as walking in and out. Also, it has eliminated anxiety-inducing navigation of large complexes by providing step-by-step directions using your location—never get lost or miss an important session again. Modern technology enhances the world around us with innovations in automation, so it’s pivotal to find the right tools to help organizers as well as attendees cut through the event-related clutter. When you come across these advancements, consider how they work to relieve you from the mundane, and simply make your next gathering tech trendy and stellar.


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