Each magazine is printed web offset: perfect bound. Keep live matter .25” from trim: head, foot, and sides. Because it is unknown at the time of production if the ad is to run on left hand page or right be sure to add .125” bleed on all sides.





Spreads that have crossover type should allow at least .25” safety from gutter on both pages of the spread. Any images that crossover should be double burned .0312” on each side to ensure correct alignment.


Send all advertising materials to:

1792 Bell Tower Lane
Weston, Florida 33326
Tel: 954.315.3460 | Fax: 954.217.6685
Email: sales@larelmedia.com



Upload all files using inWeston’s ad portal easily located on our Ad Portal page. Use Apple’s Safari on Macintosh platform or Internet Explorer on Windows platform. All files must be zipped (.zip) unless it is a PDF or JPEG. If sending multiple supporting files for a single ad, please zip a folder and upload the zipped folder. Submit PDF plate-ready files containing 300 DPI CMYK images, flattened layers, all fonts and subsets included, process (no spot) colors, 12-point offsets for all marks, JPEG, EPS, and TIFF images must be flattened and built in Photoshop. Do not send files via e-mail. Run preflight software on file(s) whenever possible and provide the preflight report with all final digital files.


inWeston strives for the highest print production quality for both advertising and editorial content. For us to achieve this high quality, inWeston requires that a contract proof be made from the original digital file, show trim marks, bleed, dot pattern, and contain a calibrated color bar. inWeston will not accept film-based halftone proofs, continuous-tone proofs, color lasers, acetate color keys, tear sheets, blue line or any proof other than those mentioned below.

Kodak Approval, Fuji Final Proof, KPG Matchprint Digital Halftone, DuPont Waterproof Thermal, and Latran Prediction/PolaProof. Line Screen must be at least 175 lpi.

For technical assistance, please contact the Production Department at 305.932.2400.

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