Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This holiday season, swap those indulgent office parties with another type of gathering a group workout with your co-workers. Peter Ware started NRG Corporate Wellness, a Broward County-based health and wellness company, to help businesses in South Florida make a long-term impact on their employees’ health and, ultimately, reduce insurance premiums and sick leave. “Companies need wellness programs to fight the constant sitting, which has become the new smoking,” says Ware, who implements a program based on a company’s specific needs.


I love going from a seminar dressed in a suit to fitness clothes, training 30 employees and being in the trenches with them. They need to know that we’re all in it together.


Ware can design anything from simple “lunch-and-learn” sessions where employees are taught how to make health-conscious dishes or ways to reduce stress to high-energy group workout classes, yoga and meditation. Ware will show up with a DJ-style set up, ice coolers and 1,500 pounds of equipment to get everyone moving. “Our programs are extremely adaptable,” he says. “We can host sessions in a parking garage or wherever it’s most convenient.” It’s the perfect reset for the New Year. NRG Corporate Wellness; 954.315.1768; nrgcorporatewellness.com